Bob Johnson: “the Healing Hand of Kindness detoxifies trauma”

Psychiatrist Bob Johnson, a member of Hampshire & Islands Area Meeting, writes:

I worked in Parkhurst, then the UK’s flagship prison, from 1991 to 1996.

Once a serial killer in the making, who I treated, had clarified his childhood, he rescinded his entirely believable plan to murder someone every two years (including me) – and since 1993 he has never again expressed any desire to pursue such a course of action.

In Parkhurst I spent time convincing murderers that their wounded childhoods were over and could heal.

I filmed, on video, 700 hours that I spent coaxing crushed people to blossom.

They responded by eliminating violence.

No alarm bells were rung in the prison for three years, down from twenty a year previously.

It became obvious, to me, that all violence (including war) is ‘distorted revenge’ – and also curable.

Thus, contrary to conventional wisdom: ‘Free lunches stop wars.’

So: ‘Drop white goods, not bombs.’ It would be cheaper. How about that?

Source: the Friend, 10 November 2017

More about Bob Johnson’s work here:

He argues that since living skin heals itself, where dead skin doesn’t – the chemicals are the same, the physics isn’t – thus if skin can heal, so can minds.

He redefines “Personality Disorders” as “Perception Disorders”, and proposes that “the Healing Hand of Kindness detoxifies trauma”.

See and hear more on ‘vimeos’ – his video-sharing platform:



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