Quaker politicians work for socially productive employment, affordable housing and against increasing air pollution


A joint motion for a resolution co-authored by South West Green Party MEP Molly Scott Cato – a Stroud Friend – was carried by the European Parliament:

The resolution calls on all the governments of the EU to vote in favour of a UN General Assembly resolution to work on a new treaty banning all nuclear weapons.

molly-scott-cato-4She has responded to the support for nuclear weapons manufacture and maintenance as a job creator, by commissioning a report into the Devonport Dockyard which makes clear that for far less public funding socially productive employment could be used to replace Trident-related jobs. More here. 

Ruth Cadbury (right)ruth%20laying%20brick%202, a Friend who is Labour MP for Brentford & Isleworth, has been a town planner and a councillor in Hounslow where housing supply and quality has long been an important issue. She was appointed to Labour’s front bench as a Shadow Housing Minister this week.

Ruth comments that housing is a huge issue locally in West London and across the country: “I believe passionately that having a decent, secure home is a fundamental human right. Building adequate housing can have a transformative effect on communities and on the economy.”

She deplores government’s withdrawal of support for social rented housing and further cuts to rent support for low-income households. Too many families are facing homelessness, many more are severely overcrowded adding: “In London, young people even those earning good salaries, have little hope of getting on the housing ladder.”

Ruth is also ‘saddened and angry’ that the Government has opted for Heathrow expansion in Parliament, and will continue to campaign to protect the interests of my constituency which will be affected by a third runway. Convincing reasons why she opposes this decision are given on her website.


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