A Yorkshire Friend considers challenges to the activities in the Menwith Hill base

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Margaret Nunnerley’s “Surveillance, Secrecy and Sovereignty: How a Peace Campaign Challenged the Activities of a US Base in Britain”, a history of the Menwith Campaign, was launched as part of the University of Bradford’s Peace Studies Department’s 40th anniversary celebrations. The theme of the celebration was ‘Why War? Peace Studies in the 21st Century’.

Margaret, a Quaker living in West Yorkshire ten miles from the Menwith base, has studied the Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases (CAAB), its core values and the achievements of the campaigners.

Her professional background is in training and teaching in the mediation and conflict resolution fields and post-graduate study at the Department of Peace Studies, University of Bradford, included a doctoral thesis in inter-cultural mediation.

Menwith Hill 2 coverHer book is based on the activities of twenty years of campaigning by the Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases (CAAB) in Britain, with particular emphasis on the base at Menwith Hill in North Yorkshire.

It discusses the range of methods of peaceful protest used by the campaigners with particular attention to their challenges through the courts.

Deficit in democratic accountability

Amongst the issues explored in the book, she examines the use of the base for US military intelligence gathering and the lack of effective parliamentary oversight of its functions, with the subsequent deficit in democratic accountability.

Professor Paul Rogers said, “Since CAAB was established twenty years ago we have seen…a remarkably increased capacity for those in authority to monitor the activities of civil society, not least of campaigners. At any time this thoughtful and carefully researched book would have been a very valuable contribution but that last aspect makes it especially salient”.

Menwith hill report coverAnother Bradford alumnus, Dr Steve Schofield, author of Lifting The Lid On Menwith Hill, asked “How much more power will the secret services accumulate before we begin a serious debate about the usurping of democracy by a national security state?


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One Response to “A Yorkshire Friend considers challenges to the activities in the Menwith Hill base”

  1. Godric E. S. Bader Says:

    Menwith Hill +++>> .. SO DISGRACEFUL .. badly needs exposing as more dominance of our country by USA !!

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