Silence in the City every Tuesday lunchtime from July 14, 2015

Following a link on the Brummie aggregator site, which gives an overview of news in this city and several others in the region, we learn that the Mail published an article yesterday about the Birmingham Peace Hub in Bull Street.

peace hub

Earlier, on this site, news of the advent of the Peace Hub was published on a sister site:

City centre workers and shoppers are being invited to take a break from their hectic week and enjoy the sound of silence. Birmingham’s Peace Hub is inviting them to take a time out for reflection at its centre at 41 Bull Street, B4 6AF, on the route of the new tram which will pass though the city centre.


The Hub, run by local Quakers, will be open for Silence in the City every Tuesday lunchtime, starting on July 14. Members of the public can come in and enjoy 20 minutes of quiet, followed by a cup of tea and a chat.

Peace Hub coordinator, Peter Doubtfire, said: “This is a relaxed, friendly way for people to experience silence and the benefits of switching off from our busy lives.

“Peace Hub is all about bringing people together in a peaceful environment. Silence in the City provides an ideal way for workers and shoppers in Brum to participate.”

Silence in the City will be held in the Hub’s Resource Centre every Tuesday at 1pm. No booking is required. Everyone is welcome to turn up and join in.



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