An interesting request from the Quakers and Business Group

Liverpool Quaker Meeting are looking for ‘a critical

friend’ to support their café business.


We hear from Friend Lisa Hoyle:

The cafe has been operating within the Meeting House for

almost 1 year. It is owned by the Area Meeting and operation

is outsourced to a local social enterprise. There is a separate

agreement in place with the same organisation for catering.


Running costs are high and the cafe and catering together hope

to reach breakeven by the end of this year. The Meeting has faced

a number of challenges regarding thinking through the

arrangements and developing working arrangements with our

partners. Quaker values have been at the forefront of our work

but there are areas where – with good intentions on either side –

it is a bit of a muddle.


The cafe (vegetarian) serves the public well and offers an

inclusive space that is valued by many regulars. It is intended to

be run as a business but we are also aware of the good it can do.

It would be very helpful to us to have a critical friend to work

alongside and give advice. I appreciate that much of this would

be by phone or email but an initial visit would be very valuable

to us in demonstrating our work and looking at future directions

for development.


Could you help this Quaker business? For more information

please contact Lisa at
With best wishes and in Friendship,
Elizabeth Redfern
Co-Clerk – Quakers and Business Group
Northampton LM


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